Classic Audiometer


  • Completely click less interrupt.
  • +20dB key.
  • Tone Decay test.
  • Pulse Tone function.
  • Bone conduction:- 250Hz(50dB), 500Hz(70dB), 750Hz(70dB), 1Khz(70dB), 1.5Khz(70dB), 2Khz(70dB), 3Khz(70dB), 4Khz(70dB), 6Khz(70dB).
  • Air conduction:- 250Hz(90dB), 500Hz(120dB), 750Hz(120dB), 1Khz(120dB), 1.5Khz(120dB), 2Khz(120dB), 3Khz(120dB), 4Khz(120dB), 6Khz(100dB), 8Khz(100dB).
  • Provided with Radioear B71 bone vibrator and HD-01 headphones. (TDH-49 optional)
  • Complete digital calibration.
  • Can be connected to a computer via USB and operated as a PC based audiometer.
  • PC software provided free of cost in standard packing.
  • ┬áSmall form factor.
  • Award winning design. (Cypress Design contest 2002, U.S.A.)
  • Possible to connect to free-field Amplifier via separate junction box. Classic Audiometer HD-01 Headphones standard. (Optional TDH 39/49 can be ordered separately). RadioEar B71 or Oticon A20 Bone conductor. USB cable for computer connection. External microphone with lapel clip. CD containing software Patient Response Switch Operating Manual. Carry Case


Masking Wide, Narrow & Speech band noise.
Type of Audiometer Diagnostic
Weight 2-3 Kg
Noise Level (dB) 60-70 dB
Voltage 60-70 V
Features Portable

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Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)

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